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lobster distributors and processors to sell whole lobster claws as an individual item . Why this was not simply a matter of common sense in the past simply bewilders me. Regarding current lobster prices its no surprise the price of( New shell) lobster commonly known as a ( shedder) is approximately $2.00 less per pound then the hard shell lobster .. I am not sure how much sense this really makes since out of about every lobs of [new shell] lobsters a fisherman brings in during the peak months for selling lobster only about 4% of them are hard shell .During winter and spring months all Maine lobsters caught will mainly be hard shell but the percent of lobster in Maine actually going out to these deeper waters to catch them is much lower than now and landings are low. Getting down to the niddy gridy of things and being a lobster dealer myself I am going to quote the bottom line boat price average of Maine lobster today . For new shell lobsters right off the boat , the buyers are paying the fisherman any were between (Updated 11/19/10) $3.75 a pound to $4.15 a lb. For hard shell buyers are paying any were from $4.95 a pound to $5.70 a lb (4/26/11) .Wholesale lobster costs need to be marked up a minimum by a broker of a on these prices for any money to be made. For orders of lbs and under a minimum of $1.00 mark up should be made . On a 50lb order the average mark up should be about 0.75 per pound. These prices are quoted as if bought direct from a lobsterman. Many online lobster dealers are the third or fourth buyer from the fisherman haul.Lobster sold at $lb plus shipping is 3 times boat price.This is the bottom line of the Maine lobster market AS OF TODAY . Our company -( Coastal Maine Seafood ) a direct lobster buyer and Wholesale dealers marketer , website - has a list Our retails costs which are published and updated daily or as needed. Wholesale prices will be given for orders over . Go to or The Visit Website Link on this page to order Maine lobster live or cooked delivered nationwide. You can get your lobster as soon as tomorrow . Shipping prices are given by individual state using shipping calculator software pre configured based on box size , weight of package and zip codes .There are also QuickShip and Add-on options with a variety of Maine Seafood for sale. Our primary shipping provider for over night deliverer is Fedex, USPS and UPS .In many cases the USPS will be the most affordable over night shipper as long as they offer a 24 hour commitment to your delivery area from our 04555 zip code. Generally to all of the east coast and mid west they will guarantee delivery before noon as well as on Saturday for no additional fee . With in 300 miles of Coastal Maine ground shipments via UPS can be arranged for the average cost of $1.00lb . We will Broker large orders by refrigerated trucking , and airline for as little as .50 cents per lb to terminals near major Food markets on the east coast and airports using Delta carriers world wide. Maine Lobster tails , Lobster claws and Lobster meat are also available including other truly fresh Coastal Maine Seafood products . It is still hard shell season and lobster volumes are low . Wholesale prices currently are $7.50lb completely packed and shipped to any state in the US.Visit our lobster shop through the link on this page.

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